Creativity and the Arts: A Guide to Work From Home Careers

While it’s nice to be able to go shopping or to the dentist at times when such places are less crowded, these trips can severely disrupt your work mojo. When I return from whatever it is I did, it will often take how to work from home successfully me a good thirty to forty-five minutes to get back into the work mindset. Couple that wasted time and attention with the time spent traveling to buy a new shirt, and you’ve lost some major productivity.

Most post-secondary institutions require a minimum of a master’s degree, and many secondary programs require a bachelor’s degree and a certification or license to teach in the state. High school teachers and postsecondary teachers are both expected to be high-growth occupations according to the BLS, of about 8t percent and 18 percent growth ( ), respectively. At the post-secondary level, the BLS reports that median salaries for art, drama, and music teachers come in at $66,930 per year, with those at the upper decile earning $134,000. While specific data for art teachers at the secondary level is not available, the BLS reports that median wage for secondary teachers is $59,170 annually. The baseline education needed for a creative arts director position is often a bachelor’s degree in an art or creative field. Many companies do look for and hire candidates who have advanced postsecondary degrees or an equivalent amount of experience working as a creative in the field.

Create a morning routine

Eventually, she became a social justice teacher and committed herself to this work. After awhile, she felt the need to be creative and express herself artistically and started making first steps in that direction. She knew that she would struggle financially in the beginning, and that there was a lot to learn about starting an art career, but she never gave up. So if you feel the need to express yourself artistically and pursue a career in art, do not ignore this.

As with any major change, settling into something new can feel overwhelming at first. How can you stay connected with your colleagues? At My Modern Met, we’re used to working remotely with our editorial staff spread across the United States and Europe. That’s why we’ve decided to come together and give some handy tips on how to handle your workday, even when you’re not in the office.

When should you add milk, if you’re so inclined?

Planning in advance is immensely helpful, but even so, unexpected things can always come up. Let your team know when that happens and figure out a backup plan. Communication is key when it comes to collaboration, and even more so when working in remote teams. This type of recognition is also a way to model positive behavior and performance for other team members to follow.

how to successfully work from home and why it's an art

That’s why you should make it a priority to get out of the house! Support your fellow creatives at openings and festivals. So why not take a few minutes to rejuvenate your mind and body. Don’t underestimate the impact your health has on your art practice. Just be honest with yourself about the right work-life balance.

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