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Working with innovative and professional perfumers and utilising the best quality raw ingredients, Leonz is constantly striving to improve the degree of aroma delivery.


Certified Organic , Natural Essential Oil Blend, All Natural Organic PERFUME Ingredients


Making Your Clothing Smell Like Your Perfume May Be A Turnoff For Some, But It's Huge Plus For Others!


Beautiful Tones Of Amber Wood, Vetiver, And Warm Sandalwood Are Perfect For Lovers Of Earthy, Woody Smells.

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Velentine Rose

Women’s And Men’s Fragrances.

Agarwood (Oud), Saffron, And Cinnamon Are The Top Notes; Rose And Sandalwood Are The Middle Notes; While Incense, Leather, Amber, Musk, And Vanilla Are The Base Notes.

Youth Secret

This Is Eclectic Collections Version Of The Colosseum Fragrance For Men From The 7 Wonders Of The World Collection.
What is the aroma of the Colosseum, one of the Seven Wonders of the World? It’s a perfumed sensation that’s enhanced by a bouquet of aromatic sweet, bitter, and fruity scented tones that’ll leave you feeling fresh, light, and inviting.

Made With


“Women’s Fragrance That Is Exclusive. Very Passionate, Very Feminine.”

A harmonious blend of oriental, powdery, and resinous scents. Rose is the top note, cinnamon and ginger are the middle notes, and patchouli, oudh, and cedarwood are the foundation notes.
Perfect for candlelight dinners, cocktail parties, and romantic evenings.


Velentine Rose

White Beauty

Youth Secret

Charismatic Pro

Chicago Dreams

Zara Angel



Oudh Jadid

Pink Pearl

Oudh Aswad

Green Ajmeri

Mush AL Ghazi

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Fragrance Can Help Us Express Our Personalities, Improve our Self-Image, And Connect With Others. In Truth, Fragrances Accompany Us In Our Daily Lives And Reveal Something About Us Through Evoking Memories And Feelings.